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10 Steps to a Professional Air Duct Cleaning by Crystal Clean Duct Service

1 - Start with the right equipment

Cleaning a complex air duct system isn’t a job for a carpet cleaning machine with a hose attached or a tiny vacuum box that exhausts inside your home.

Crystal Clean owns and operates the most powerful Duct Cleaning Vacuum Truck in the industry that creates the negative air flow needed to remove even the worst contaminants and pull them outside where they belong.


2 - Protecting your home or business

A complete and in-depth cleaning requires us to go into every room that contains an air duct or cold air return. At Crystal Clean, the work will not begin until the floors, doorways and outside wall corners are protected. Slip-on shoe covers, safety mats and plastic corner guards create a barrier between our equipment and your home.


3 - Powerful Vac

Access to the main trunk lines allow us to, connect the 8″ vacuum hose and create the massive negative air flow needed to remove the dirt, dust and contaminants that are hiding in the system.                                             


4 - Vacuum and hand clean all registers and boots


The metal box under the floor register is called a “stack-boot.”  We remove, vacuum and wipe the register, spray a mild degreasing agent on the surface and then clean each one with a soft cotton towel.


5 - Maximize the vacuum

Once the 8″ hose is connected to the system the huge vacuum fan on the truck begins pulling air from the living spaces down through the duct work. If needed we can block off certain registers and or air filter to Maximize suction.

6 - Air scrubbing the system

Now that the entire duct work is under negative pressure pulling large volumes of air toward the truck, we now feed our soft rubber, high pressure scrubbing tools down each of the supply lines, working our way to the main trunk lines. This removes every trace of dirt, dust, pollen, chemical residue and pet dander that has collected over the years.


7 - Cold air return

After all of the duct work on the supply side is completed, we move to the cold-air return system runs. The main return grill is removed and cleaned followed by ductwork throughout the structure.


8 - The main trunk lines and plenums

We now access the inside of the main trunk lines and plenums both supply and return cleaning each one with specialized scrubbing tools. Small 1″ holes allow access to every area as the dirt is pulled toward the attached vacuum hose.


9 - Air handler interior/ coil cleaning

 This optional step is completed with the removal of the air handler panels and cleaning of the blower fan, combustion chamber, electric motor and cabinet. The filter is air swept and vacuumed before being reinserted or exchanged with an owner-supplied replacement. The evaporator is cleaned using both wet and dry method.


10 - Wrapping it up!

New galvanized access panels are installed over the openings created for the vacuum hose and sealed with aluminum tape. Air dampers are put back in their original position, plastic plugs are inserted in the 1″ access holes and all debris is removed.



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